Please join us for our Small Business Marketing Series workshops with the second in our series “Demystifying Digital Marketing” on March 2. In our in-person, hands-on workshop, our expert presenter will discuss the different elements of digital marketing and which are right for you to grow your sales.

In this session you will learn:
– What is digital marketing
– What are the key elements of digital marketing
– Which elements are right for your business
– Where you can begin growing your business with digital marketing

A Zoom session is scheduled in between our in-person workshops are designed to give participants the opportunity to share any insights learned and ask any specific follow up questions.

The Zoom session is scheduled for March 15th from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm. This session will focus on developing an action plan for your business identifying target customers and how you plan to reach them through digital media.

Presenter Information: Lynn Woll has extensive experience in a variety of marketing roles, including brand marketing, product marketing, new product innovation, marketing strategy, marketing analytics and digital marketing. She has applied her knowledge and experience with both small and large companies, and currently has her own website where she brings marketing methodologies and concepts to life.

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