Are you a landlord with past due rental payments? The Landlord Compensation Fund can help!

The program, administered by Oregon Housing and Community Services, covers 80% of past due rent (April 2020 – now) for tenants with a signed declaration of financial hardship if a landlord agrees to forgive the other 20%. The first round will cover rental debt for approximately 12,000 tenants and helped more than 1,900 landlords. More relief resources are available now!

Round two is now open. Please note this program is not first-come, first serve, and applications will be open until May 17th. If you are interested in applying in the second round, please see this check list. Visit the Landlord Compensation Fund website for more information.

As referenced above, the first round applications will provide financial relief to thousands of Oregonians, landlords and renters alike, across the state. The map below shows where assistance will be distributed. Public Housing Authority partners will verify ownership, make payments to landlords, and notify tenants that their rent has been forgiven in the coming weeks.

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