Sleep in Heavenly Peace (SHP) is a nonprofit that gives beds to kids sleeping on the floor or other undesirable conditions. SHP is celebrating 10 years of bringing beds to children in need. The accomplishments include establishing 322 independent Chapters, building 141,756 beds, and delivering 135,000 beds to children in need. Over the 10 years, 276,569 volunteers helped in building beds, delivering and installing the completed bed with sheets, comforters and pillows.

At SHP, we fully believe that a bed is a basic need for the proper physical, emotional and mental support that a child needs. When it was brought to our attention that the need for beds went far beyond our own neighborhoods, we stepped up and took initiative. We’re a national organization answering the call to a national problem.

The Deschutes Chapter has appointed a new Chapter President Joseph M Myers. Our goal is to supply every child in need with a bed. Joe stated that We’re always looking for volunteers to build bunks, go on bed deliveries, be vocal advocates for our mission. Our mission is simply NO KID SLEEPS ON THE FLOOR IN OUR TOWN. And by the way our town is every town. You can volunteer or donate on the link OR-Deschutes Co – Sleep in Heavenly Peace ( The Deschutes Chapter was formed in 2020 and while Covid slowed us down a little, in the 2 complete years we have delivered 575 beds to the Oregon central valley.

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