Central Oregon Health Council



A new funding opportunity is now open!

The Central Oregon Health Council’s Upstream Prevention Regional Health Improvement Plan (RHIP) Workgroup is requesting Letters of Interest (LOI) from organizations able to improve kindergarten readiness and 3rd-grade reading proficiency. LOIs are due May 17th, and awards range from $5,000 to $100,000.

Click here for details.

This LOI request addresses two of the five measures used by our Upstream Prevention Workgroup. For more information on why we are using these specific measures and why they matter, visit the Central Oregon Health Data website.

For questions about the overall opportunity and project parameters, please contact the project manager who oversees this LOI, Gwen Jones: gwen.jones@cohealthcouncil.org.

For questions about the online grant platform and submission process, please contact our Grants and Metrics Manager, Rebeckah Berry: rebeckah.berry@cohealthcouncil.org.

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