Summer is upon us, but the work of our local policymakers is still going strong. City Council has an active summer agenda with important policy conversations underway ranging from transportation and mobility projects to electrification policies. Feedback and citizen engagement is welcome and encouraged, so make your voice heard!

The Community Building sub-committee, a small group of Councilors, has been meeting to receive updates and make recommendations related to street safety, speed limits and quick build projects to improve how citizens move throughout the city. If you’re curious about their discussions, you can watch their meetings via YouTube (

The city recently launched a virtual Open House to share project updates for Greenwood Avenue and Second Street. Citizens can learn more about the project including duration and impacts of proposed construction and provide comments or feedback.  Visit the virtual open house through June 25th. (

The Environment and Climate Committee is undertaking a review of policy options related to electrification for residential and commercial buildings, as well as city-owned properties. The committee is collaborating with a consultant to identify policy options for the Council to consider later this summer. If you would like to follow this discussion as it unfolds over the summer, the Environment and Climate Committee is open to public comment and can be followed here. (

The Chamber will be keeping a close eye on these, and other issues discussed at City Hall in the coming months and sharing relevant information and advocacy opportunities. For more information about our Advocacy program, please contact Sara Odendahl, Director of Government Affairs and Strategic Initiatives. (