Book design firm, Faceout Studio, has updated its logo and launched a new website this week!

“The letters are playful and the look is sort of mid century with a contemporary twist. It’s a fun and engaging celebration of the printed book in all of its glory, standing confidently, face out,” says creative director, Tim Green.

Most books are arranged side-by-side in a book store with only the spine showing. The studio’s name reflects those unique books that get featured “face out” in the store. This term captures this idea of standing out on a crowded book shelf, and also of looking outward and forward toward bright possibilities.

“We’re excited to embark on a new season of growth following our brand re-fresh. We’ve been in business for over 25 years, but continue to identify things we can improve on and new areas of opportunity. It’s not easy finding time for internal projects of this size and scope. But finally … here we are. New brand logo, new website, new collateral, new store items and some new service offerings we’ll be rolling out these next couple weeks, including some AI tools,” says principal, Torrey Sharp.

Faceout Studio has designed well over 12,000 books since its founding in 1996. The studio works with hundreds of the world’s top media companies, mid-size publishers, university presses and individual authors. Over the years their work has been recognized by Communication Arts, the AIGA, Print magazine, Eye magazine, Graphis, CMYK, Graphic Design: USA, ECPA, The Chicago Book Clinic, the New York Book Show, the AUP and the American Advertising Federation.

For more information, please contact:

Torrey Sharp
Owner / Principal, Faceout Studio