Bronwen  Jewelry  +  Nest


Dear Friends,


I am literally quaking with excitement as I officially announce our partnership with Nest. Nest is a nonprofit organization and leading advocate for artisans and artist makers in the US and around the world.


For the past year, I’ve personally been working with Nest to find long term artisan partners to help us build our jewelry and design new parts for our jewelry that we can then turn into unique and beautiful finished pieces in our studio in Bend, OR.


In addition to designing jewelry and running a small business, my true passion in life is forging relationships with other humans, particularly women, around the globe and I couldn’t be more proud of the impact of the work we are stepping into with the guidance of this partnership.


With great enthusiasm and delight, I invite you to learn about our work with Nest.


In peace & plenty,

Bronwen Lodato


The Craft Impact

By working with Nest to source handcrafted products and materials, Bronwen Jewelry is advancing transparency, social wellbeing, and economic opportunity for global artisans and US makers.

76% of the handcraft businesses in the Nest Guild are woman-owned or led, and employ an 88% female workforce. Research shows that women are more likely to invest their income in their families’ health and children’s education which leads to improved outcomes for their families, communities, and future generations.

Your purchases provide artisan enterprises with vital income to keep their doors open and their workers employed.

Changing the Craft Sector

For centuries, craftspeople around the world have played critical roles in reviving and sustaining local creative economies, often working from their homes and community workshops.

Through programs that support the wellbeing of artisans both in the United States and globally, Nest is bringing radical transparency and opportunity to the informal handworker economy.

We invite you to celebrate this milestone with us and please enjoy the bounty of the products to come!