Are you a business that struggles with training leaders who can steward your company into the future? Or are you a Leader looking to increase your skills in creating high-performing teams? Then this book is for you. It’s titled, Discovering Leaders Within: A modern guide for cultivating your team’s potential and is available now on Amazon in paperback or Kindle formats. With 30 years of leadership experience serving diverse organizations, Bend resident Brett Larson shares personal stories and relevant research that details what it takes to excel as a leader. His experienced insight guides leaders and companies create motivated, empowered employees driven by a sense of ownership and teamwork. Discovering Leaders also outlines a leadership development program that deviates from traditional programs and deliver quantifiable excellence. Larson focuses on how to teach leaders to grow a culture of employee engagement and psychological safety as he capitalizes on Peter Drucker’s assertion that “culture eats strategy for breakfast.” A proven approach that he labels “HUMan-Based LEadership” or HUM-B-LE, this leadership development method creates a foundation of emotional intelligence and includes measuring culture before and after the program to ensure improvement. In every case, HUM-B-LE has produced improved culture survey scores and reduced negative responses on surveys by over 30% – It Works! Read more about it today by ordering this book from Amazon, go to or email today. In addition to delivering HUM-B-LE to your leadership, Brett and the team at Humessence are also available to deliver coaching, workshops or keynote addresses.

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