SDC Methodology Update 

Earlier this week, city staff presented stakeholder feedback and policy considerations for revisions to the SDC Methodology. The initial proposal, presented in January, generated significant concerns about double and triple digit increases to non-residential fees. The Chamber advocated for a pause to reassess and gather additional data to inform the decision-making process.  

At the Council work session this week, staff summarized feedback and proposed recommendations based on the feedback. The Council provided guidance on specific approaches to the non-residential SDC structure, including phase-in options for non-residential SDCs that are increasing. 

Recommendations include:

Additional information on implementing a hospital campus rate and a medical overlay rate, per staff recommendations. There were concerns expressed about incentivizing geographic consolidation of medical providers and unintended consequences as the community grows.
Support for phasing in the fees over 3 years as follows:

Total increase <20%: 
Total increase 20%-50%: 
Total increase >50%: 

• Full rates July 1, 2024 

• 20% July 1, 2024 

• Full rate July 1, 2025 

• 20% July 1, 2024 

• 50% July 1, 2025 

• Full rate July 1, 2026 


Click here to watch to the Council work session and view the data presented by City staff. Comments will be accepted through the end of March with a public hearing scheduled for April 17th  

Transportation Utility Fee Listening Sessions 

As we’ve shared previously, the City of Bend has proposed implementing a Transportation Utility Fee to generate revenue to fund street operations and maintenance.  

February 26- Transportation Fee Listening Session at 4:30pm, Bend City Hall 
February 29- Transportation Fee Listening Session at 9:30am, Bend City Hall 

The Chamber has advocated for a measured approach and a phase-in for both assessments, to ensure residents and businesses alike can bear the increases. If you have concerns, comments, feedback etc. please use the Listening Sessions as a venue to share with Council members and City staff.