As we’ve shared previously, the City of Bend has proposed implementing a Transportation Utility Fee to generate revenue to fund street operations and maintenance. City staff presented a draft fee schedule and methodology for the new TUF at Wednesday, February 7, 2024, City Council meeting.  

The TUF is not without controversy as it will assess new fees on both residential and non-residential utility bills beginning July 1, 2024. The Chamber has advocated for a measured approach and a phase-in for both assessments, to ensure residents and businesses alike can bear the increases. As such, in year one the City will generate $5 million in new revenue via the new TUF. This is split between residential fees (53%) and non-residential fees (47%). An outline of the draft fee schedule for non-residential utility account holders is below, and the City is currently accepting stakeholder feedback. 

If you are interested in providing feedback about the impacts of the TUF, please consider attending a listening session facilitated by the City.  

February 26; Transportation Fee Listening Session at 4:30pm, Bend City Hall 
February 29; Transportation Fee Listening Session at 9:30am, Bend City Hall