Oregon State University – Cascades and Scalehouse, a Bend-based arts collaborative, will host local artist June Park for a talk about their journey of discovery as a creative and as a Central Oregon arts leader.

The talk, “No One Wants to be Boxed In, An Artist’s Journey,” is part of the “Scalehouse Voices” series and will take place at 6 p.m. on Feb. 15 in the atrium of Edward J. Ray Hall on the OSU-Cascades campus.

The event is open to the public and registration is required. Registrants can attend for free or pay on a sliding scale.

A visual and interdisciplinary artist, Park often uses acrylic paint and digital tools to create colorful works. They will share highlights of their career, from being selected as the first artist in the Patricia Clark Artist Residency, a program sponsored by Scalehouse, to being named curator and manager of the Pinckney Gallery at Central Oregon Community College.

Park will also share how their artistic creations are shaped by their background and experiences. Park’s family immigrated to Moscow, Idaho, from Seoul, South Korea when they were an infant. Park finds inspiration for writing and visual creations in the natural world, from the perspective gained as a queer person of color growing up in rural America, and from the cultural values their parents instilled around supporting and preserving communities.

Scalehouse Voices talks feature fresh voices, perspectives and ideas of nationally and internationally acclaimed artists, designers and scholars.

To register or learn more, visit https://beav.es/SZe.

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