On Saturday, September 9th, 2023 from 4-6:30pm The Peaceful Presence Project will be hosting their in person fundraiser called ‘Groundswell.’ The event will be held at Hanai in Bend, OR and attendees will enjoy live music with Honey Don’t, stories of impact in the community, a Before I Die Wall, and a silent auction and raffle.

Join the Groundswell of support for equitable, compassionate end-of-life care in our community! Your ticket purchase includes 2 drink tickets, heavy appetizers & dessert, and a take home reusable metal cup.

The Peaceful Presence Project is a community based organization that was founded in 2019. Our  work is focused on reimagining and transforming the way that communities talk about, plan for and experience serious and terminal illness. In our society, discussing terminal illness and death is generally avoided.  As a result, even with hospice care, dying individuals and their loved ones oftentimes do not have the support that they would wish for in their final days and hours. To counter this reality, we offer education to improve death and grief literacy, holistic and proactive planning for advanced illness care, and compassionate bedside presence for our region’s most vulnerable.  Through our work, we envision a culture in which every community member receives compassionate, equitable support through the end of life.

Research has demonstrated that access to palliative care, including hospice, is limited or virtually non-existent in our rural Oregon communities. This can lead to broad disparities in end-of-life care.  This problem is especially acute because rural populations tend to be older and there is limited access to palliative care and hospice services due to fewer available services per capita, as well as coverage areas that can span 10,000 square miles or more. In response, we are also training rural-dwelling individuals to the end-of-life doula skill set. This can make a tremendous difference and fill in gaps not covered by hospice by providing support and skilled interventions. Research has demonstrated that only 5% of a dying person’s time is spent face-to-face with a medical professional.  End-of-life doulas can help to fill the gaps by connecting people to needed resources and by helping them navigate the challenges that often accompany end of life experiences.  This level of skilled involvement can also encourage more equity-informed, culturally-centered, and relationship-oriented care.

You can find more information about the diversity and scope of our work at our website: https://thepeacefulpresenceproject.org/