Women’s work is often unsung—but over the past year, the women of Central Oregon (and far beyond) have stepped up to become not just awesome leaders, workers and community members, but also home-school teachers, home counselors, family health monitors, DIY gurus, social justice activists, vaccine heroes and so much more.

Now’s your chance to see a woman in your life recognized for her resilience, strength and support.

Every year, the Source Weekly names a Woman of the Year. This year, we’re asking the community to nominate Central Oregon women to be honored in three categories: Community Hero, Young Hero and Woman of the Year.

Let’s celebrate Central Oregon’s diversity, kindness and tenacity by digging deep and honoring some of the women who stay out of the limelight, but definitely deserve recognition after this challenging year.

Survey is open from Feb. 5-Feb. 15. Winners will be featured in the March 4 issue of the Source Weekly!

Anyone can vote for up to three women—one for each of the three categories.

Click here to take the survey.