ADUs are becoming increasingly important in solving workforce housing problems because they provide an affordable housing solution and are relatively easy and cost-effective to build. The City of Bend has even created a pre-approved design that you can use to save money on the design and permitting process, streamlining the build. 

ADUs can be an excellent solution for workers who need to live near their workplace or cannot afford traditional housing options. Additionally, ADUs can help address the housing shortage by increasing the available housing stock. 

Not sure you can build an ADU? We have tons of information available to help make the process less confusing and overwhelming. From financing and permitting to construction and property management, our Bend ADU Guide is a library of resources and answers many common questions. Powered by Simplicity by Hayden Homes and developed by the Leadership Bend Class of 2022, we hope you will take some time to review it and see what you can glean from all the information provided. 

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